Airsoft M1C Garand Sniper Rifle Part 2

On to the cheek pad. There are numerous cheap repros available, most covered in some kind of ugly paint. I went for one a “natural leather” one hoping that I could achieve a nice look by oiling it. Unfortunately it was not pure natural leather but covered with some kind of crap, looks MUCH nicer on my photos than it actually was. The quality of the leather is quite questionable as well. It took a lot of scrubbing with leather cleanser and several layers of oil before it looked somewhat acceptable. The cotton “shoe lace” that came with it went straight to the trash. Bought a leather lace to replace it.

Here you can see the felt pad

After cleaning / oiling

The cheek pads were attached with the lace + two wood screws to the stock. Placement of the screws was in the two gromets you can see below (IIRC the placement of thee screws was changed at some point, late 50s?). I decided against drilling the stock and cheated by simply glueing the screw heads to the gromets 🙂

Next the M2 Flash Hider, it took me a lot of searching before I finally found one for sale. I clearly remember that they used to be readily available, especially the ones made for the Italian Army, but these days even those seem to have become rather scarce.

It looks really hideous… that’s why I love it 😀 + ugly cone flash hiders are approved by this dude, so… 😉

There are a few variations of the M2 Flash Hider. I’m not exactly sure what kind of model this is, the pin is unusual. Got it cheap so I thought about cutting it off but I decided to leave it on for now.

And finally here is the completed rifle (click to enlarge)

And the final pic (click to enlarge)

~ by m1pencil on April 16, 2017.

13 Responses to “Airsoft M1C Garand Sniper Rifle Part 2”

  1. Isnt the pin rather long?
    Would have the same function as the pin on the grenade launcher -> disable the semi-auto function by allowing gas to escape from the gas cylinder.

  2. hi, you never made a part 2 of the g&g garand! what are your toughts on itnow that you had it for long? playable? reliable?

    • Hi, had zero issues with it so far, seems to be very reliable. It’s also playable, only inserting the mags is a bit fiddly. You really have to get used to this. Are you trying to decide between the G&G and ICS?

      • Well, actually i have already made the choice (i own a G&G Garand). I have found many aestetical things things wrong with it, like the bolt doesnt turn to lock and leaves a gap (this seems something actually engineered on the design), wobble on the wooden parts and a small crack… I havent played with it yet but i hope i made the right decision on selecting this against the ICS…

  3. YES!!! Looks outstanding.
    Ironically I was just reading about M1C’s yesterday too. Funny you mention the flash hiders getting scarce. I remember seeing the Garand and carbine ones everywhere and dirt cheap so never paid attention to them. Now I hardly ever see them, and if I do they’re pricey.

  4. awesome work.

  5. You still working on making a rubber eyepiece? A book I’ve been reading and a ton of photos and dimensions if you want some copies.

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